The Invisible Man

The invisible man is a science fiction book written by H.G. Wells. Even though the book is written in an old English style, H.G. Wells’ choice of words makes each sentence loveable by the reader.

In this action packed science fiction novel the book starts off slowly for a brief amount of time. Then suddenly things take a turn for the worst changing the goals of the main character left and right. This book is quick and has interesting way of providing a twist during each chapter that takes the reader away from being able to predict what’s going to happen next.

The book revolves around the character Griffin, who devoted three years of his life to solve the mystery of invisibility. After accomplishing his goal he is forced to use his experiment on himself in order to escape the horrific events that would have came. While revolving around the main character the book details the pains of being invisible from not being able to sleep at night due to Griffins eyelids being see through, or recklessly harming himself due to not being able to see his limbs.

Ultimately the book is about a psychotic anti-hero who begins to get reckless with his actions during these times he gets a surge of anger. Along with that the reader is able to go on a wild ride through this science fiction novel.

In conclusion this book is an amazing read, submerging the reader with in the environment that surrounds Griffin, and taking them on a plot twisting, exciting thrill ride through the American south and north eastern during the 1930s. This book is recommend to anyone and is a great read if you’re into action and science fiction, which H.G. Wells packs this book with.

Dominic Flores


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