Drama Performance in April

           There will be a play on April 28th (Thr), 6pm, and tickets cost 500 yen per-ticket, all of the money that we raised will go to charity.  In this play we have 4 different themes that we will be playing. There will be hate, neglect, fear, and anger.

           During class time, I did an interview with the entire class and Ms Sugino, our guide and teacher. I asked the entire class 3 questions, and to Ms Sugino, I asked her one.            

          My first question was, ‘’What did you like about writing and creating the story (script), and how long did it took?’’. Majority of the people said the same thing for this one. They enjoyed making up their own stories, and it only took us 2-3 weeks to write it and edit it. This was the time that we can make our own story with our own ideas and opinions. We didn’t use other people’s script at all, even if we did, we edited it to make it our own style.

            My second question was, ‘’What do you find stressful about preparing the performance?”. Everybody had different answers for this question. Some people said the lack of time we had to rehearse and preparing, some said the positions are really confusing and not really used to the positions. One of the positions is called Rakugo, a Japanese style of storytelling, and this involves some people having to sit in a Seiza position, where you sit with your knees together on the floor, for 10 mins. And some said the script’s memorization is intense. We so far have rehearsed every single class for the past 2 and a half weeks, and 3 more weeks to go. So far we are just getting used to what we are going to say and do.

            My final question to the class was, ‘’What part did you enjoy preparing for the most for the performance so far?’’. We pretty much all said that we enjoyed trying out the costumes and trying out with the equipments and rehearse our parts. A few people also said they enjoyed the companionship of the class rehearsing together.

            Finally I asked Ms. Sugino to say something to the class about her opinion of what we have done so far. In her words she said, “ I am truly amazed that even if we have a really small class, I can not believe that you guys had the ability to come up with your own story. The rehearsal might be intense, but I am confident that we can certainly do this. So far the class is working really hard to memorize their lines and their positions, but we are confident that we can do this.”

-Owen Jones



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