Whatever Happend To…. (Marvin’s Monthly Music)


LMFAO’s “Shots” or “Party Rock Anthem” always made it to the dance party playlists, but after their shuffling craze in 2011, it seems like the “party rock” duo started to take a break from, you know, all the partying. LMFAO’s debut album, Party Rock, was an instant hit for that generation. Their music is infused with pop, dance, electronic, and hip-hop/rap influences, with a plenty of humorous and explicit lyrics. But what happened ever since everyone started shuffling everyday? Were they too old to party? No, Redfoo from LMFAO has been making appearance in television, movies, and music videos, and had recently released a solo album, still partying harder than ever. Surprisingly, he visited and played in Sapporo last week at a club.



Boys Like Girls

This pop rock band attracted teenage listeners and gained fame during the years 2006-2009 with their self-titled debut. With hit tracks “The Great Escape” and “Thunder” climbing on the Billboard charts, the band released a successful follow-up album Love Drunk in 2009. Later in 2012, they released a country-pop album that didn’t receive significant recognition. Since then, the band has faded out of the music scene, and the members of the band participated in side projects while some launched their own clothing line. However, the band is still together, but it seems like they are on a prolonged hiatus.



Ke$ha’s fame blew up back in 2010 with catchy pop songs like Tik Tok and Your Love is My Drug. She achieved massive success from her debut album, Animal, and won several awards including Best New Act in the MTV Europe Music Awards. Since her mainstream success, she has been collaborating with other artists, making appearances as a featured artist. She also aired her own show on MTV in 2013. However, in 2014, Kesha finally sued her label’s producer, Dr. Luke, for sexual assault that occurred during her career. Kesha requested to be released from her label and Sony’s contract, but the New York Supreme Court has recently ruled against her request, sadly leaving Kesha a pawn in the game.


50 Cent

Before modern rappers like Drake, A$AP Rocky, and Kendrick Lamar rose to fame, 50 Cent, comparably, used to be the Kanye West of the 2000s with more ‘gangsta’ in his style. 50 Cent’s debut, Get Rich or Die Tryin’, received outstanding reviews and ratings which bolstered his success with his later work. He has won a total of 27 awards, including one Grammy award. Aside from rapping, he launched his own reality TV show, and has his own video game. His fame died out around 2010 when he started to focus on his business endeavors, making investments and purchasing heavy metals from the mines of South Africa. However, in 2015, 50 cent faced bankruptcy with a debt over 30 million dollars.


This classic pop-punk trio had tremendous success in the pop-punk scene during the late 90’s to the mid 2000’s. Although they aren’t the pioneers of pop-punk, they helped flourish and define the genre, making punk more accessible and appealing to a wider range of listeners. Everyone knows their catchy anthems like “All the Small Things” and “First Date” (maybe that’s an overstatement), but after their indefinite hiatus, the band started to decline. With several disputes between the band members during and after their hiatus, Blink-182 was short of a guitarist. However, in 2015, the band recruited Alkaline Trio’s very own Matt Skiba. The band went back to studio, and they are finally finished with their comeback album. The album is set to release later this year, so keep an eye out for that.

-Marvin Dotiyal


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