Dorm Life

In the dorm there are a lot of weird things that happens but no one in the school knows except for the students in the dorm, so I’m going to talk about four weird things that happened in the dorm.

  1. When Mr. and Mrs. Salter was the dorm parents Adnan and few other people were making yakiniku while talking to strangers on Omegle and because they were making yakiniku, the fire alarm went off.
  1. Last year there was a dorm student that had a full on gaming set on his bed and he took his bed mattress just to make that set possible and he put a carpet instead of the bed mattress to sleep on.
  1. Again when Mr. and Mrs. Salter was the dorm parents Mr. Salter bought the dorm 5 bikes for the students and one of the students went to buy his own bike riding the dorm bike and after he got his own bike he forgot to bring back the other bike.
  1. This story happened this year. A boy in the dorm was getting limes thrown at him and he got really angry and locked himself in his room.

Thanks to Adnan for sharing the stories.

-Cort Watanabe


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