Is HIS Ready for an earthquake?


          On April 16, a 6.5 magnitude earthquake hit the city of Kumamoto followed by a stronger quake at 7.3 on the Richter scale. This was their largest earthquake since 1949. Because Japan is regularly hit by earthquakes, there is a strict building policy where each building must be as prone as it can be to earthquakes or built in a way to cause less damage. Few days passed but the aftershocks still occurred which could cause more damage to the city. Although the aftershocks were not as strong as the original 7.3, their aftershocks which had occurred almost 780 times still continued to frighten the people of Kumamoto. The second aftershock which was significantly larger than the first, killed eight people and injured close to 800 citizens. At this point, a tsunami warning was released to the people of Kumamoto. Followed by the earthquake, there were large amounts of landslides demolishing the roads and buildings. Other nations such as the US have provided the citizens of kumamoto with foods and water supplies. Also students from universities through-out japan offered to help unload and hand out the food. There have been many ways people were able to contribute to helping the people of kumamoto for example, volunteering for searches, simply donating to rebuild the damaged houses, bath facilities were provided and the wifi was improved for getting in contact with any of their family members or their friends.

Do you think HIS is ready for an earthquake? We’ve had many earthquake drills but when the time comes do you know what to do? Here are some students answers:

Miu Someya: Panic…then stop the fire and go outside

Niki Campos Tortosa: Stop drop and hide under a table??

Tanita Kok: I would run to the library and have all the bookcases and books fall on me. Then would go to the science room into the room with all the chemicals and start opening the bottles so I could let that fall on me too and then when it starts burning, I’d scream and cause panic among other students as well.

Rachel: Grab my laptop, protect it with my dear life and be happy because there’s no school.

Ryutaro: Just stand there and laugh..

Kento: Same

Maya: Grab my phone and run outside

Hannah: Find my friends  


Help by donating to the people in Kumamoto!


-Ayumi Fukuyama


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