Syrian Air Attack

            There was an airstrike on Syrian refugee camp. It was reported that at least 28 people have been killed on a refugee camp held northern part of Syria. What you can see by the images that was shown by social media were tents getting destroyed at the Kamouna camp near Sarmada in Idlib province, close to Turkish border. About 50 tents and a school had burned down. Some of the reporters say the attack was by Syrian or Russian warplanes but this is still not confirmed.

            Social cessation of hatred has been there since February, but it has come under serious pressure recently, basically around Aleppo, about 300 people have died in the conflict over the past two weeks. The UN has notified that if the social cessation fails, it will be “catastrophic” and that it would let 400,000 more people go to the refuge bordering Turkey. This airstrike injured more than half of people there.
          What did you think while you were reading this report. If I was you I would first be a little shocked. As I said, the attack was by Syrian or Russian and when I heard that I was so surprised that a Syrian was one of the attackers. This happened in Syria so why would you want to kill your own race. I think war should be counted as crime and having war in one country is really horrible. And I still don’t get why the refugees needed to get attacked. They could have attacked another place, but why the refugee camp? It’s so horrible that even children get killed and how they were dead was really harsh. I really hope that the government or someone who takes control of the country will do something about this or think some ways to prevent these things happen again.

-Miu Someya


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