A young man’s guide to prom suits

           Prom season is here, and guys and girls around the school are stressing out about their prom outfit. While the girls, I presume, from my encounters, have already chosen their outfit, the guys I talked to were not prepared for their outfit. No fear however, because I created a guide for everything dressing up, and the do’s and don’ts for every small detail.

Q: What is the Difference between a tuxedo and a suit?

A: A tuxedo has the same silhouette as a suit, but has satin and covered buttons. Generally, you should optimize for  a tuxedo for prom, because that is usually the norm for what a young man should wear on his prom night. The downside to this, however, is that tuxedos are usually more expensive, and are less common in Sapporo, because prom culture basically doesn’t exist anywhere except for this school.

Q: Should you match your date?

A: I would highly recommend that you match your date. You don’t have to match your date completely if you don’t have the same colors your date, not everyone has a pink suit that matches your date’s pink dress. That is why you should match your date with accessories. A tie, a dress shirt, a bow tie, or even just flowers can give you the little subtlety that everyone will like.

Q: Bow tie or a neck tie. Which is better?

A: In a high school prom, where you dress up formally for such a big occasion, I think that you should wear a bow tie. This is because: 1, there is nothing worse to ruin an outfit than an awfully tied neck tie. That ruins the outfit completely. Reason number 2, bow ties are more formal than a tie. You will look more dapper than just the basic boy next to you.

Q: Patterned Suits: Yes or no?

A: The best suit will always be the classic one: A well-tailored, classic suit is always the best. But, if everyone wears the same thing, you should take the initiative to be different if all your friends are wearing the same black suit, you should wear blue, brown, grey or even white. They are all great choices. What I do not like, is patterned suits. Nothing is more tacky than a cheap camo-print or a flower print that is reminiscent of your grandma’s drapes. If you are going for patterns, simple is better. Vertical stripes is always better than horizontal, because horizontal stripes can give you the illusion of you being taller than you really are.

In the end, my advice is still from my perspective, so if you completely disagree with everything I said, you can simply do your own thing.

Do you have any questions you would want to ask me? If so, simply write a omment and I will get to you. 🙂

-Hiroshi Nakatsugawa



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