School is finally over, and the weather is hot hot hot!!! (maybe not in Hokkaido), but what are you going to do now? The excitement of getting out of school can quickly turn into boredom and frustration about having nothing to do. Don’t let this happen to you, there will always be a way to make things entertaining. Hopefully these ways would give you some ideas and help you out! 🙂


        1 Go outside! You’ve stayed inside all winter, get your bike out and go for a nice long ride. Grab a friend or two and go hiking. Go to the beach or ocean for an afternoon swimming and  get some tanning done. Go jogging or even just for a walk in the park or on the sidewalk. Walk your dog (or your neighbor’s dog if you don’t have a dog yourself).

         2  Go camping. Gather some friends or family and go set up a tent somewhere. A yard,  an open field, or a campsite that’s a great place to set up for camping. Make sure you have the necessary equipment so you’re not stranded in the rain wearing shorts and sandals with nothing to do. Try to set up camp by a lake for a lovely view and easy access to swimming grounds, and set up the grill and have a nice BBQ.

        3 Stay indoors once in awhile and watch TV. Take a nice warm bath, put on some pajamas, and roll up on the couch with a great book and snacks, rent any kind of movie that suits your type and spend some time with yourself.

        4 Make a scrapbook of the summer.  Buy a camera in the beginning of the summer and carry it around with you wherever you go. When you go out with your friends, or on a camping trip, or even just sitting out in your backyard,  take a few snapshots, and buy some cheap stickers, glue sticks, and stick all those fun things that you did on your very own homemade scrapbook.

                   5  Listen to your favorite songs. Music will calm you down and make you feel happy. Make a summer playlist of all of your favorite song to listen  while you exercise, getting some tan on the beach, or just relax at home. You’ll find you’ll end up associating certain songs with your long vacation times, so pick some good ones for good memories.

                   6 Visit places. You don’t have to go anywhere really far, just visit somewhere in your country that’s easy to get by via train or car. Go on a road trip with your family, or go with friends to a local place you’ve never been to before and enjoy good times and make memories.                 

                    7 Get a part-time summer job. Many of us yearns the experience of what’s it’s like to work and earn your own money. For a 2 months vacation should be enough to earn that experience. So get started on your resume first and begin to look for jobs. Start around your neighborhood first and if no luck, be ambitious and try somewhere a little far.


Hope fully these ideas will help you enjoy your summer vacation!!  Another year has end, wish the seniors their best wishes may come true!!


-Owen Jones


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