What to do in spring

           Spring is coming. You can tell by seeing the change around the places, and it’s getting warm. So don’t you guys want to go outside and have a nice time? There is some stuff that you can do only at spring time. Some events, sports, and like sightseeing. I think it is actually good opportunity to go out and have fun with your friends or like your family.

          So I would like to give you some suggestion where you can go during spring. First above Yurigahara Park. This park is really huge, it’s about like 25.4 hectare. This park is basically like a flower garden and has approximately 6, 400 types of flowers and plants. This park is opened from April 1st ~ April 24th. This place is just a park so you don’t need any money to get in.

          Next is Takino Suzuran Hillside National Park. This park shows some nature and like some places that you can have fun. Also some kind of events can be going on, you can even stay in the cottage in there. This place is national park so you don’t need money to get in.

          Next up is Jozankei Onsen you can stay and relax there and have some nice time with your family. In this place you came see a Autumn leaves even though it’s spring.

          Next it’s Maruyama Park, you can see cherry blossom tree. You can see cherry blossom and have some nice time by having picnic or you can even actually borrow a barbecue set from the park so you can invite others too.

          Last but not least Rafting in Jozankei. You can do rafting anytime you want I guess but spring is the best. The reason is before spring it was winter so there was snow, and now the snow melts so the water increases than usual. That’s why it’s perfect for rafting. This happens in Toyohira River. It starts from 9:00 am ~ 1:00 pm April 20th ~ November 20th. The adults costs ¥5,000, junior and high school is ¥4,000, and primary school ¥3,000. It’s free for pre-schoolers when the parents are with them.

-Miu Someya


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